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Changes to ‘New item’ form

To simplify the process of adding a new entry to the repository, the ‘New item’ form is being redesigned. The redesigned form will be installed in the repository on Monday 25th April 2016. It will not look very different from the old one, but to give a cleaner and tidier appearance and emphasise the data that is required, the new form will open with most optional fields hidden. If you want to add data to an optional field, such as “Notes on copyright”, there will be a button to click that will show all optional fields; clicking it again will hide most optional fields.

There will be some small changes in which fields are compulsory, including Abstract which will be compulsory in the “Article” item type. If this presents any difficulty, or you have any other questions or comments, please contact us.

The second major change is that where there were five stages to go through when creating a new record – Type, Upload, Details, Misc, Deposit – this will be compressed into three stages – Type, Details, Deposit. The Upload and Misc pages will be combined with Details, so that Upload, for adding full text documents, audiovisual/multimedia files, etc., will be at the top of the Details page instead of on a previous page.

There is no change in the way information is entered, and if you do not have a full text document to add, you can simply skip this stage and scroll down to Title, Authors, etc.

Aran Lewis.

Duplicate accounts problem – update Monday 7 March 2016

On 3rd March 2016, the repository software started creating duplicate user accounts for people who have logged in previously.

We have identified the cause of the problem, which was a change in the way data is transmitted by the login system controlled by CCSS at Middlesex, and a solution has now been successfully applied. Any remaining duplicate accounts will be merged shortly.

Apologies for the disruption.

Aran Lewis, repository manager.

Uploading problem in Firefox

Users may find that they cannot upload files while creating items in the repository using the Firefox browser. Our support service, ULCC, are working on a solution and meanwhile users are advised to use another browser to upload documents to the repository. This problem is not occurring with Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Aran Lewis, Repository Manager.

UPDATE 3rd March 2016: This issue is resolved in the latest release of Firefox. Anyone continuing to have the problem should upgrade to the latest version, 44.0.2 or later.

Repository changes for post-2014 REF

A couple of changes have recently been made to the repository software, to ensure that Middlesex University can comply with HEFCE/RCUK reporting requirements for the post-2014 REF, maximising the University’s potential access to government research funding.

HEFCE favours open access to all research, but currently has specific rules relating only to two forms of research output – journal articles, and conference proceedings published with ISSNs.

The rule for these is that on acceptance by the publisher, the accepted version must be deposited in a repository (green open access), unless the final published version is to be made freely available to all on the publisher’s website, with no charge to the user (gold open access).

The accepted version is the final, post-peer review corrected version sent by the author to the journal/publisher, without the layout and design features the publisher will add before publication.

“On acceptance” is defined as within 90 days of acceptance.

To ensure that we are complying with these rules it is necessary to record the date of acceptance for journal and conference papers in the repository, so this has been added to the record creation form as a compulsory field for these item types. It is not required for any other item type. The deposit date is recorded automatically. The rules do not come into full force until 1st April 2017, but earlier compliance is likely to be favourably regarded in the next REF assessment, and the reason for the delayed introduction is to allow institutions to adapt to the rules.

Entering dates of acceptance should be manageable if people deposit their accepted versions of their papers soon after being notified of acceptance while the date is readily at hand, so that is the practise the University would like to encourage. When authors are uploading papers accepted some time ago and no longer have a record of the accepted date, they are asked to make the best estimate they can of the accepted date.

Gold open access usually requires the payment of a fee to the publisher in lieu of sales income, known as an article processing charge (APC). The acceptance date rule does not apply to these, but due to the high cost of APCs, this will be a limited option.

The repository also has a new compulsory field for all item types called Copyright legal statement, which requires the selection of one of three statements about copyright when uploading a full text or other media file to the repository:

• I have permission to place this work on open access immediately from all rights holders
• I have permission to place this work on open access with an embargo
• I do not have permission to place this work on open access / don’t know

This will enable repository staff to place works on open access immediately without further checking in cases where the authors know they have permission, or to carry out appropriate checks if authors know there is an embargo, or don’t know whether they have permission or not.

We hope authors will not find these features too onerous, and feedback is always welcome.

Aran Lewis, Repository Manager


Latest login news …

Due to a temporary glitch with the login system some users may experience a delay when logging in to the repository. After entering your user name and password, you may find yourself watching a blank white screen for an excessive length of time. If this happens to you, refresh the browser a few seconds after logging in (pressing the F5 key once does this for most browsers), and the login process should then complete immediately. If you continue to have difficulty logging in please contact us for further assistance. Apologies for the inconvenience – our support service are working on removing the delay.

Aran Lewis, Repository Manager.

Login fixed!

I am pleased to announce that repository login is working again. Apologies to users who were unable to log in for the earlier failure and the delay in finding a resolution. Measures are being put in place to prevent a recurrence.

Aran Lewis, Repository Manager.

Login still not working …

Unfortunately we are still waiting for a fix to this issue, which is preventing users from logging in. As soon as it has been resolved I will post an announcement here. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Aran Lewis, Repository Manager.