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Login problem

Users are currently experiencing difficulty logging in to the repository. This is probably due to a certification issue, which has been advised to IT support at 11:20 on 14th Nov 2014 and will hopefully be resolved soon.

Aran Lewis, Repository Manager.

HEFCE’s Open Access Policy for the Post-2014 REF

To be eligible for the next HEFCE REF funding distribution (2016-2020), peer-reviewed and corrected full text of journal articles and conference proceedings with ISSNs must have been uploaded to the author’s institutional repository as soon as possible after acceptance for publication.

The HEFCE policy can be read here, and a useful analysis of the HEFCE REF policy and its implications can be read here, courtesy of UKCoRR.

Middlesex University authors – to see how to upload your work, click on “How to add research“.

Aran Lewis.

Security certificate error message

UPDATE 9/1/2014: the issue below has been resolved. Any security warnings should henceforth be treated as genuine.

As part of the transfer to a hosted service, a security certificate needs to be installed on the new server. This is currently being done, but until it is complete a security warning will be displayed to anyone trying to access or log in to the site. It is safe to proceed and add an exception, but users are advised not to store a permanent exception.

Aran Lewis.

Switching to hosted service

Switchover to hosted service complete.

We have moved our repository from a computer at Middlesex University to a hosted service maintained by Southampton University. The aim is to improve reliability and streamline maintenance so that it will be quicker and more effective, as all technical work will be carried out by a single team at Southampton, the inventors and developers of the eprints repository software.

Any questions or problems, please email

Editing problem in Internet Explorer 8

UPDATE 21 June 2013 – this problem has now been resolved and repository editing in Internet Explorer and all other browsers should be fully functional.

Aran Lewis.

Middlesex staff: Help with adding your research to the Repository

If you have research that has been accepted or has already been published, the next step is to add it to the Repository. Adding and managing your research outputs is quick and straightforward and we can help.

You can make an appointment with Jane Hartzig, who will come to your desk and go through the steps with you.  To make an appointment click on, then scroll down the right hand column and click on ‘Repository (Jane Hartzig)’. Scroll through the calendar and select an appointment where availability is highlighted in green.

All self deposited items will still be checked by the Repository team before going live and they will get back to you with any queries.

Aran Lewis.

New look for Middlesex University Research Repository

On 1st May 2013 we launched a new interface for the Middlesex University Research Repository, Designed and built in collaboration with Eprints experts at Southampton University, it is intended to make using the repository a more streamlined and rewarding experience. As well as incorporating the Middlesex brand and corporate look, it offers better navigation and a more comprehensive and practical interface. Comments are welcome, either here or to

At the same time, we have changed the way users log in to the repository, to make it easier. From today, users will need to log in using the same user name and password that they use to log in to the Middlesex University network to read emails, access and work with files, etc.. This is known as “AD” (Active Directory) login. New repository users will no longer need to create an account in the repository; this will be done automatically for them the first time they log in. There will be one less password for users to remember, lose or forget! There is more information about the detailed impact of the change to AD login on users in the repository at (Please note that at present remote users will need to log in via the VPN. This requirement should be removed shortly.)

We hope that these changes will make it easier for Middlesex academics and researchers to deposit their work on open access in the repository, adding full text whenever possible, so that their excellent work in a wide range of disciplines can be accessed by researchers worldwide and enhance the University’s significant contribution to the advancement of knowledge.

Aran Lewis
Senior Cataloguer and Repository Manager
Middlesex University
The Burroughs
London NW4 4BT.